The Part of me (english)

The Part of me (english)

After losing the love of her life, a young woman is left alone in her grief and, facing the end of her life, tends to the grave of the love of her life and thinks back to their years together.

0h 10min
15. April 2024
SDG Ent. Pictures Film Company in co-production with Denkpause Films
The Part of me
When the thing you love most is taken from you at the peak of your life. A short film about loss and hope.
Details & Storyline
  • Emma experiences happy years together with her husband. But her husband's work and focus on the family's material wealth destroy his health. He dies before he dares to take the step of being a father to his daughter and a husband to his wife. Emma, who now has the foundation of her life torn away, begins to read a new book in her grief, in which she finds comfort and hope. She faithfully tends the grave of her great love until old age and finds release from the pain of her loss in old age.

    (Based on true events)

    © by SDG Entertainment Pictures

  • Keywords
  • Release Date
    15. April 2024
  • Countries
  • Taglines
    • Hope for life
  • Runtime
    0 hour 10 minute

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